Ride Advertising’s Newest Opportunity

Advertising through podcasts helps your clients reach a wider breadth of brand conscious and savvy customers.

Tap into the power of a voice

Podcasting’s innate ability to establish intimacy and trust between host and listener makes it a unique medium. It’s also what makes it an ideal space for ads. Listeners’ trust in their favorite podcasters will carry over to ads that play throughout their content.

Have your ads go everywhere

Podcasters will be able to distribute their episodes — episodes that include your ads —across all major social networks, podcatchers, websites, and more. As their content makes its way across the web to new ears, so do your ads.

Reach targeted audiences New

Your ads will get to listeners who will resonate with them the most. Our natively developed analytics tracking tools help podcasters target segments that best match their podcast’s topic, meaning your ads will always get to listeners most likely to engage with them.

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Keep your ads fresh

Ads will always appear in prime spots throughout episodes as pre-, mid-, or post-rolls, depending on what hosts choose. Those spots are set to automatically update at every play so that your newest ads will always replace what’s become out-of-date.


Podcasts continue to grow ever more popular, attracting an increasing amount of listeners as time goes on. With it comes a whole new audience of savvy consumers that put trust into what they’re listening to.

  • In 2017 40% of Americans listened to a podcast.

  • 67 million Americans listen to podcasts every month.

  • 85% of listeners make it through all (or most) of the episodes they listen to.

  • Listeners are brand-conscious, high-income earners likely to convert on your ad.