Streamline Your Workflow and Earnings

In today’s busy world, time is truly a commodity—especially for major media publishers. Keeping all the gears turning—between publishing, distributing, monetizing, and marketing—requires enormous amounts of time and energy.

That’s why there’s Hive.

Opt for a Streamlined Solution

Hive is a one-stop solution: a content management system where you can host, distribute, monetize, and measure your podcast, all in one place. You can just focus on creating great content while Hive takes care of the rest.

Maximize Profits — Including on Your Back Catalog

Maximize revenues by monetizing your back catalog with dynamic, demo- and geo- targeted ads that refresh at every play. Even your evergreen content will continue to earn revenues with every new listen.

  • Condense Your Workflow Through a Single Dashboard

    No matter the task or role, every member of your production team can work together, at the same time, from the same tool. That goes for everyone from content creators, to ad operations, to stats trackers.

  • View a Snapshot of Your Complete Statistics

    Get a clear picture of your listeners and their behavior from a centralized distribution and measurement point. You’ll always be able to keep your editorial, marketing, and monetization strategies a step ahead of your listeners.

Find out how Hive can integrate with your production flow.