Get to Know Dynamo

Dynamo offers a new, more dynamic way to monetize your podcasts by allowing you to add pre, post-, and mid-rolls to each of your episodes that refresh automatically at each play. Choose target segments that are relevant to your topic and earn revenue on your evergreen content

Insert your rss feed

Plug in your podcast’s RSS feed and create an account. Your feed will automatically update with a new RSS prefix as soon as you start placing pre-, mid-, and post-rolls to your-episodes.

Add smart mid rolls

Go through your episodes and begin adding pre-, mid-, and post rolls to the waveform. Episodes will update with new ads every time they’re played or downloaded so that your evergreen content stays that way.

Profit from your passion

Keep your Share of the profit

Get a clear overview of your ads, targets, and earning, through detailed statistics, and always get the dominant share of sponsorship revenues.


You get to choose where your mid-roll placement goes and the target segments you want to reach. We’ll make sure to match you with the best paying advertisers.

Your podcast becomes your business

A unique solution for growing podcast revenues

Generate earnings from your back catalog.
Episodes published years ago will still earn you revenue when listened to today. Ads are updated automatically at every download.
Place ads on episodes hosted on different pltaforms.
Copy and paste your new RSS prefix wherever your podcast is getting distributed to reap monetization’s full benefits from anywhere.

Your podcast becomes your business

Plug your RSS feed
To register and create an account.
Add pre-, mid-, and post-rolls to your episode
And take advantage of dynamic advertising.
Update your feed across all distibution platform
And start earning revenues.