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Our podcast ecosystem at your fingertips.

Spreaker Enterprise is the ultimate solution for big editorial teams to effortlessly manage their publishing workflow. Decide your monetization strategy, maximize inventory and revenue using Voxnest’s smart, dynamic ad insertion technology.

Why use Spreaker Enterprise

Spreaker Enterprise gives you all the tools and data to carry out your publishing, distributing and monetization strategy efficiently and successfully.

Maximize your earnings with no inventory unsold

Enjoy the freedom to structure your monetization strategy the way you want. With Voxnest’s dynamic ad insertion technology, your sponsorship deals always stay current.

A highly customizable and scalable platform

Our intuitive content management system will seamlessly fit into your workflow thanks to our flexible tech stack and APIs.

Manage an unlimited number of collaborators

Keep your workflow smooth by using the same management system for all your collaborators. No matter where your team is, our platform makes working together easy.

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The perfect fit

Spreaker Enterprise will fit and adapt to your needs. It is highly customizable and easy to use.

Highly customizable

Our interface’s API based version can seamlessly integrate with your current content management system.

Customizable and embeddable player

In a few quick moves, style our white-label player to make it match your brand design and fit within your website or app.

Customizable RSS feeds

Have access to all the main distribution platforms with one click and make sure your listeners can find you everywhere. Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google, iHeartRadio, Deezer and many more.

Ready to give it a try?

Maximize your returns

Spreaker Enterprise provides you with the right technology and solutions to run your own campaigns and sell your surplus inventory on ad marketplaces.

Find out how our two channels can help you monetize your content: by using our Ad Manager tool and through programmatic ads via ad exchanges.


Ad Manager

A sophisticated tool that lets you set up, configure, target, traffic and monitor your advertisement campaigns.

The Ad Manager comes as a standalone tool or can be integrated via API into your own ad server.

Reporting and forecasting data are available for integration with any existing business intelligence tool such as Google Data Studio and Amazon QuickSight.

Our Ad Manager benefits

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Target your campaigns using geo location, position, specific shows or episodes, genre, type of device, tags, etc...

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Cross promote your show across your network.

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Insert ads with pinpoint precision via our visual interface and audio scanning technology.

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Have complete end-to-end control over the entire technology stack, production, and ad sales process.

Spreaker Enterprise is right for you

If you already have direct deals in place with agencies and advertisers and want to run your own ad campaign using your in house ad sales team, Spreaker Enterprise is the right tool for you. Run traditional ads and/or promo ads to market your own podcasts, events, and releases across your network of shows.


Content Network

B2B publishing platforms


Programmatic Ads via Ad-exchanges

Don’t miss an opportunity to capitalize on your archived content and unsold ad spots. All your unsold impressions can go back into our Voxnest targeted marketplace to make sure you maximize your fill rate.

All your unsold impressions can go back into our Voxnest targeted marketplace to make sure you maximize your fill rate.

Ad exchanges benefits

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Plug-and-Play with any VAST/DAAST compatible source or marketplace: Adswizz, TargetSpot, Triton, DAX.

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Your revenue dashboard is integrated in the audio CMS and includes requests, impressions, fill rate and earnings.

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Maximize fill rate and optimize yield by combining priority, price competition, and backfill.

Compatible marketplaces

Spreaker Enterprise is right for you

If you want to monetize your archives or back catalogue and unsold inventory without using or hiring your own ad sales team, Spreaker Enterprise will help you insert dynamic ads from marketplaces and ad exchanges.

Independent Podcaster

Content Network


B2B publishing platforms

Start maximizing your inventory.