Mobile Engineer


What is this job position about?

  • What we're looking for

    A talented and passionate mobile engineer to work on the Spreaker mobile applications. You'll work with our team of engineers to build, improve and maintain our iOS and Android native applications for creating and listen to podcasts.

  • Why this job is important

    We made massive investments into developing top-notch, mobile native applications. These applications are used by hundreds of thousands of people around the world. We strive to keep the ratings high, the crashes low, and the people happy.

  • What you’ll learn

    You’ll learn how a podcasting product is built and maintained end-to-end. Our Studio apps enable the creation of live and pre-recorded audio content, and our Radio apps distribute it and make it reach the audience.

  • What you’ll do

    You’ll maintain and build new features on the Spreaker Studio and the Spreaker Podcast Radio application, with a high impact on customers and the company business. You’ll be asked to organize your time, plan your work, and respect deadlines

Which are the requisites to apply for this position?

We're looking for a mobile engineer with proven experience in at least one of the two mobile native environments we officially support: iOS and Android. Experience in mobile development using other non-native/hybrid technologies (Phone Gap, Cordova) won’t be considered.

You should have at least 3 years production experience with widely used mobile native technologies:

  • iOS: Objective-C, Swift and iOS platform
  • Android: Java and Android platform

Moreover, we do have a couple of strict requirements:

  • Fluency in English (both verbal and written)
  • That you reside in a European country

Finally, you'll get some bonus points if you have any production experience with:

  • ReactiveX
  • SQLite
  • C programming language
  • CI/CD and automation tools (eg: Fastlane)

What we offer

Voxnest is a cool place to work thanks to the company's flexibility: we are positive, relaxed, and easygoing. We try to maintain a friendly yet professional environment by communicating with each other on a daily basis and constantly updating everyone on our work progress or the company's success. It's important to us that every employee feels like an essential part of the company.

In addition, our key benefits are:

  • Remote working
  • Talented team of people
  • No formal meetings, only a couple of quick weekly calls
  • Flexible vacation plan, with limitless days
  • Yearly training budget to buy books, attend conferences and improve your skills