UX Designer


What is this job position about?

  • What we're looking for

    A talented and passionate UX designer to work on Voxnest’s products. You'll design new features and improve the user experience for the company’s mobile and web products.

  • Why this job is important

    Voxnest builds web-based technology used by millions of people all around the world. We want to build the easy to use tools and want as many people as possible to be able to use them without hassle.

  • What you'll learn

    You will have the chance to continuously expand your knowledge base around Digital Products Design and keep with the high pace of podcasting industry, without feeling like you're stuck working on old or outdated stuff.

  • What you'll do

    You'll improve the image and usability of our products. You'll be asked to understand our users and their needs and to design new UX/UI customers will love.

In particular, you will:

  • Work closely with the product team to identify research questions
  • Plan and conduct user research and competitor analysis
  • Help define and refine user stories, personas and storyboards
  • Create prototypes, wireframes and conduct usability testing
  • Conduct evaluations by analyzing quantitative and qualitative data
  • Work in a team with the UI designer, who will follow the UX guidelines you set
  • Collaborate with product management, development teams, and copywriters to follow the projects from creation to completion

Which are the requisites to apply for this position?

  • At least 2 years of experience in different areas of digital product design (customer research, prototyping, UX/UI development)
  • Proven experience in end-user product design for both desktop and mobile environments
  • Deep knowledge of designing guidelines for web-based and mobile (Android and iOS) applications and up-to-date with the latest UX/UI trends
  • A strong mindset for defining strategies. Attention to long-term product design vision and consistency
  • A user-centric approach. Aptitude in understanding users' needs
  • Understanding of business metrics and the ability to translate company goals and objectives into digital experiences
  • Adept at handling and analyzing both quantitative and qualitative data
  • Ability in working in a fast growing technology company which believes in remote working.
  • Strong interest in audio and podcast market and consumption trends
  • Fluent English speaker
  • Living in the European-centric timezone (CET-2/CET+2)

What we offer

Voxnest is a global company with motivated international staff located in US, Latin America, and Europe; thanks to the company's flexible working approach: we are a positive, relaxed and easygoing team. We maintain a friendly yet professional environment by communicating with each other on a daily basis and constantly updating the team with our work progress or the company's success. Every employee matters and is equally important to the overall function of the company.

In addition, our key benefits are:

  • Work-life balance
  • Flexible hours according to work deliverables and commitments
  • Yearly Company retreat in cool places around the world
  • Great opportunities to develop and grow your professional skill set in a dynamic working environment

Please add a cover letter. It should outline how you meet the requirements and include some links to your portfolio and material from your past experiences. A CV with no cover letter will not be considered.