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Monetize your podcast without jumping ship.

Already have great content and a hosting platform that works for you? Time to take the next step and make money from your passion. Dynamo is a user-friendly tool that will help you choose and insert dynamic ads into your content. Monetizing your podcast has never been easier.

What’s a Dynamic ad?

A dynamic ad targets the right listeners based on demographics, devices and interests. Episodes will update with new ads every time they’re streamed or downloaded. This makes sure your content stays relevant and reaches the right user.

Flexibility of ad insertion

Easily decide where ads will be dynamically inserted. Just pick the spot that works best with the flow of your episode (pre-, mid-, and post rolls).

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Maximize revenue

Keep track of your earnings

Dynamo gives you detailed statistics of your monetization so you can always have a clear overview of your earnings.

Monetize your evergreen content

Because ads change at every download, your episode will always stay fresh, relevant and profitable.

Generate earnings from your back catalog

Your back catalog can still make you money. Even though your episode was published years ago, with our dynamic ad insertions, listeners still get fresh ads.

Optimize your revenue

Potential advertisers bid for placement on your show in real time. We’ll refresh the ads on your episodes with the highest bidder.

Other benefits of Dynamo

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Track statistics with precision

Get to know your listeners better. Dynamo provides you with extensive data about user demographics and behavior.

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Automatic matching to your targets

You get to choose the target segments you want to reach. We’ll make sure to match the users with the right advertisers.

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Flex creative control

You have total control over the type, duration and number of ads you insert in your episode. Exclude ads that don’t work with your brand.

Earn across all distribution platforms

Ads will reach your listeners no matter where your podcast goes (social networks, websites, apps, blogs, etc). Dynamo is compatible with all the main podcast directories.

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Amazon Alexa
Apple Podcasts


Start earning from your passion.