Now’s the Time to Monetize
Your Podcast

Podcasting’s got a problem.

95% of podcast publishers aren’t making money from their content catalog.

Why? Because the industry is plagued with “old media” problems: publishers can’t directly communicate with advertisers, platforms are locking content in with unstandardized monetization schemes, and episodes are getting stuck with stale and aging ads.

But podcasting is new media and deserves a new approach to profiting.

We’ve got a solution: Dynamo

Dynamo is a new monetization solution that brings together podcast publishers and advertisers and presents them with lucrative possibilities.

With Dynamo, ads are placed throughout episodes that refresh with every play, updating with new demo- and geo-targeted ads no matter where those episodes are distributed.


Monetize your entire catalog without changing platforms or RSS feed links.

Choose target segments relevant to your podcast’s topic and audience.

Gain access to the largest podcast marketplace and maximize your revenues.

Optimize your production and monetization workflow with sophisticated tools.

You can trust us.

Dynamo was created with information garnered over years of experience monitoring the behavior of thousands of listeners and tabulating the growth of successful podcasts.

• We’ve developed our own native methods to collect listener data that continue to evolve with each new tool and feature introduced.

• Advancements in our tech are influenced directly by podcast publishers like you. It’s feedback from our clients that bring value to our product.


Indie publishers

Start bringing in profit via your distributed episodes without having to migrate to a different hosting platform. Meanwhile, your content’s quality will stay intact; manage the kinds of ads that appear throughout your episodes and choose target segments related to your topic.

Commercial publishers

Break into the largest podcast marketplace and maximize revenues by selling your remnant inventory. In addition, you can retain your current production workflow: Dynamo easily integrates with any setup and works side-by-side with your publishing schedule.


We measure

Organic listens are counted across all channels including podcatchers, players, and apps.

We’ve got metrics
you can rely on

We’ll track the actions of actual human listeners while blocking bots and web crawlers.

See engagement and
demographic data

Take advantage of newly developed analytics tools and stats like listening duration time.