Voxnest is a set of podcasting tools that help media publishers, indie podcasters, and advertisers monetize, manage, and track content. These tools—Dynamo, Hive, and Cortex—improve workflows and help yield greater earnings.

Voxnest’s team includes tech entrepreneurs, industry veterans, and investors with extensive experience in podcasting ecosystems. In 2018, Voxnest acquired Spreaker and BlogTalkradio, creating a solid network of solution-driven podcasting companies.



Podcasters aren’t getting the chance they deserve to fully monetize on their content catalog. They either don’t have a large enough fanbase or run into the inherent limits of the platforms they’re using.

Dynamo changes that with a new monetization solution. Podcaster and major media publishers can enable dynamic spots across episodes that refresh automatically with targeted ads at each play.


In today’s busy world, time is truly a commodity—especially for major media publishers. Keeping all the gears turning—between publishing, distributing, monetizing, and marketing—requires enormous amounts of time and energy.

Hive is a one-stop solution: a content management system where you can host, distribute, monetize, and measure your podcast, all in one place. Focus on creating great content while Hive takes care of the rest.

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It’s impossible to make any decisions about your podcast business without having the proper data and numbers to refer to. Understanding who is listening to your podcasts, when, and for how long is essential to gauging your next big step.

Cortex offers the measurement tools you’re looking for. Get detailed analytics to help you keep track of your content’s reach, audience and more, even as it gets distributed across external channels.

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